About Us

The High Impact Condom Distribution site is a place where HIV prevention professionals can gather, share ideas, and plan strong programs. We designed this space in response to the movement toward high impact prevention and the need for better planning tools to develop structural-level interventions. So, who are we?

We are a team of public health researchers and curriculum instructional designers and we’re part of the EDC e-Learning & CBA Center. Our Center provides HIV/AIDS prevention training and technical assistance (TTA) services to community agencies, Health Departments, and other healthcare providers across the United States. Our goal is to promote the delivery of evidence-based programs and practices to African American and Latino communities that continue to shoulder disproportionate burdens of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Here at EDC, we conduct an innovative, coordinated, and comprehensive program of face-to-face and web-based capacity-building assistance designed to overcome challenges to the successful transfer of proven HIV/AIDS prevention strategies. We provide national coverage for face-to-face TTA on specific effective interventions (e.g., ARTAS, RESPECT, Peer Support for Medication Adherence, POL, CLEAR) as well as on general capacity building (e.g., strategic planning) and monitoring/evaluation.

We also deliver innovative web-based TTA by creating online communities of practice where local providers at different stages in the implementation process can interact, formally and informally, with trainers and TA providers who are experts in specific evidence-based practices. Beginning with the CLEAR for Program Managers course and expanding to other EBIs, We create accessible, user-friendly online multi-media skills-based trainings; provide intensive expert coaching; support peer networking, and directly deliver high-quality e-products such as the CLEAR for Program Managers e-course, VOICES/VOCES e-course, and the CDP community of learners. Look out for e-courses on ARTAS and RESPECT as well. Our online TA is complementary to our face-to-face services, and intended to address barriers such as travel costs and staff turnover that can hinder agency efforts.

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About Education Development Center, Inc.

EDC is a global nonprofit organization that develops innovative programs to solve some of the world’s most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic development. Since 1958, EDC has been a leader in providing culturally-competent training and technical assistance, and developing state-of-the-art education programs that promote active learning and engagement. EDC directs more than 250 projects in 30 countries. Visit the EDC website!